Casa Salome Viñales, is a very cozy accommodation with an ancient, baroque and modern mix.

Our house (CASA SALOME VIÑALES) was built in 1976 and remodeled in 2009, it presents a very cozy constructive atmosphere of an old, baroque and modern mixture; It is composed of a garden, portal, living room, dining room, terrace and 4 bedrooms, it has two rooms for rent, both spacious, well lit and ventilated and each with its private bathroom and also have the following comfort: Split, Cold Water / Hot, Minibar, Hair dryer, Parasols, Safe, Terrace, Supplies, etc. Room 2 which is on the second level has a balcony and two terraces and the gastronomic service of both rooms is carried out on one of the terraces. . The client can enjoy all the common areas of the house. We offer tasty dinners and breakfasts with pleasant decoration.

Description of the Rooms.

Room 1

This room is located on the ground floor, it has 2 large windows facing the front of the house and 4 small windows on the side, it has very good lighting and is well ventilated, the walls are decorated with jaimanite stone and colors they are toned with green and blue; the floor is made of cream marble, as is the bathroom, which has a carmelite ceramic veneer imitating marble. It has a height of 3 m giving it even more the feeling of spaciousness. Access through the main door of the house although it has its own private door. The clients staying in this room receive the gastronomic service in one of the terraces on the second level which is shared by both rooms.

Room 2

This room is located on the second level, its access is by stairs that are inside the house. It has two terraces and a balcony overlooking the Mogotes Viñaleros, where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. It is spacious like the bathroom, the woodwork is showy in the shape of an arch, and it has three double windows in addition to the door that leads to the balcony. The color tones of the room are salmon, orange and wine red. The gastronomic service is offered in one of the two terraces.

Our work is projected in the satisfaction of the client so that he feels like family, I like to decorate, gardening and cooking; I am active and I like that the people around me feel happy and pleased. We provide services not included in the room price such as: Laundry Service, Airport Pickup Service, Transportation Service within the municipality and to other provinces, Dance classes, Salsa classes, we organize excursions to horses or walks where you can visit the tobacco fields, where the different economic activities of the population are shown and admire our nature, very rich in flora and fauna; which in combination with our typical mogotes make our Viñales Valley a unique landscape worldwide.